Governments consume enormous quantities of goods and services and they pay on time, making them valued customers. Some companies rely heavily upon public sector business. Others only pursue requests for proposals (RFPs) or calls for tender occasionally. In either case, it’s incredibly frustrating to learn about government tenders that would have been perfect for your company when it’s too late to prepare and submit a bid.

Information is Key

The bulls in the U.S. stock market have been celebrating ever since Trump won the election, pushing the indexes to new highs almost every day. They believe that the economy is going to be on a strong upward trend. The government is promising to institute massive infrastructure spending. A strong U.S. economy has traditionally been good for other governments as well. There is expected to be a lot of new government business, both locally and worldwide.

The problem, of course, is learning about public tenders in time. Preparing bids is incredibly time-consuming. It’s critical to pick and choose which bids to work on. Even the largest company has finite resources. The more a business relies upon sales to the government, the more important it is to have the right information at the right time.

Increase Productivity

Hundreds of government websites publish new requests for proposals every day. RFP Alert Services has a massive database of public sector opportunities, but most of these RFPs would be of no interest to your business at all. The last thing you’d want is to be flooded with piles of useless data. Instead, the database will be screened according to your selected criteria. Your time won’t be wasted by wading through all of the RFPs for work or products that your business doesn’t supply or that are out of your preferred geographic area. Put your sales team productively to work on only the most valuable leads.


Expand Your Markets

This may be the perfect time to grow your business by expanding into new markets. Again, it’s all about knowing about possible opportunities that fit your business goals. Global monitoring means that you can easily investigate new possibilities in the most cost-effective manner possible. RFP Alert Services uses a unique market survey and analysis method that will provide you with realistic, down-to-earth intelligence on government bids. You will be able to identify the most viable new markets for the products or services you provide.


The RFP Alert Services Global Launch introduces a one-stop center for public center markets. You will be able to begin working on new RFPs that seem to be tailor-made for your company. Learn about them before your competitors do. Whether you would be bidding for the entire contract or are interested in working as a subcontractor, it won’t happen without knowing that the opportunity is waiting for you. Visit the website today to register and begin receiving the information that you need to know.